Ugh! to Shamnesty!

I’ll take “Republicans Whose Time In Public Service Just Came To A Screeching Halt,” for 10-12 Million please, Alex

Lest we forget, here are the names and re-election years of those who voted for cloture…

Coleman -MN Looks like Al Franken is a shoo-in now
Collins – ME
Craig – ID This solidifies his retirement
Domenici – NM Adios, amigo!
Graham-nesty – SC Cry your way out the door
Hagel – NE
McConnell – KY (no comment)
Stevens – AK
Warner – VA

Bennett – UT Another forced retirement
Bond – MO
Burr – NC
Brownback – KS Pandering for presidente votes
Gregg – NH
Martinez – FL This guy is our chairman? No mas!
Juan McCain – AZ El Presidente? Nope. Adios muchacho!
Murkowski – AK
Specter – PA
Voinovich – OH

Ensign – NV
Kyl – AZ no comment
Lott – MS you’ll know where Gulfport is now, mofo
Lugar – IN
Snowe – ME no more snow in Maine


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